Decade of A7X: 6661-2009

Double-DVD set compilation contains over 3 hours of pro-shot footage of an american band Avenged Sevenfold. The project was made by russian fans for all the fans over the World.

Cover_finalName: Decade of A7X: 6661-2009
Type: Unofficial fanmade DVD, pro-shot
Release: May 7th, 2011 (2011-05-07)
Size: 2DVD, 197 min.

01. We come out at night (Live Warped Tour 2003)
02. Almost Easy (Live Warped Tour 2007)
03. Live in San Diego 2005
04. T-minus weekend (Interview)
05. Daily download (Interview)
06. Guitar Center (interview)
07. Live in Tokyo 2006
08. Second Heartbeat (Live Warped Tour 2003)
09. Live at Graspop 2008
10. Tattoo stories
11. Live at Rock Am Ring 2006
12. Live in Tokyo 2007
13. Burn it Down (Live Download 2006)
14. Bat Country (Chainsaw Awards 2006)
15. Making of Beast and the Harlot
16. Bat Country (Live TRL 2005)
17. Die, Die, My Darling (Live Archem w/Metallica and Trivium 2006)
18. Almost Easy (Live Sonisphere 2009)


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